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‘Nothing beats seat time’, so make the most of it. Let Robert Grace help you become a faster, safer and more consistent driver. Whether you’re a novice track day driver or an experienced racer, Robert Grace can help you become a complete racing driver with competitive results.


Whether you’re looking for pre-event preparation or post-event analysis, remote coaching gives you the ease and flexibility to improve whether you are at home or a race weekend. The process begins with an initial assessment to understand your goals, followed by an 1 hour session of in-depth analysis of video & data, and concluding with a written report detailing feedback and recommendations.

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On Track

Work with Robert Grace face to face, on track. This personal experience is open to all skill levels and cars. This complete package begins with stepping you through the preparations necessary for you and your car. At the event, Robert will provide invaluable on-track instructions as well as recommendations on vehicle setup. After the event, Robert will follow up with post-event analysis and a full report detailing feedback and recommendations.

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Team dynamics and vehicle dynamics have a lot in common. Both require great attention to detail and balance. Let Robert help guide your team to the podium by providing strategy, setup, and mentoring – before, during, and after the race. A winning team consists of the car and the the drivers, don’t let either part ruin your glory.

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